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Payday loans is a consumer loan for short period (1-30 days) mainly aimed on urgent payments and becoming alternative to credit cards, overdrafts and lombard banking. Cash advance loans with fixed charge and with annual/daily rate according are distinguished according to lender fee calculation method. Such form of crediting is popular because of next benefits:

  • - possibility to get cash in few minutes;
  • - simplicity of issuance;
  • - transparent credit history, security, guarantor or income confirmation is not required;
  • - submission of payday loans online;
  • - flexibility in payment terms, forms and amount.
  • - special low rates and loyal condition in case of long-term cooperation with lender.

Despite the long list of benefits debtor may meet some difficulties in case of delinquency: high penalties, full payment requirement, transfer to "black list" etc. Anyway, payday loans is the optimal source to get small amounts before salary, to cover mortgage, regular payments or to prevent credit card freezing.

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